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Embed CTA Examples


This is a standard p tag. check out this content, which looks like nothing "triggerable", but if you click it, you'll see the embed. In theory, you can make a huge clickable element, but I would try to keep these smaller and not get too fancy. This is some other content inside of this. This whole thing is a stealth trigger.

If you click this image, you'll see a popup from it

The part that needs to be included, on any element, is:
        class="cta-modal-trigger" data-template="vacation_investment"
          class="cta-modal-trigger" data-template="vacation_properties"

Please keep in mind, you can append this to an existing class. For example, this next link has the class of hl-button, which changes the way it looks, but it still triggers the modal.

Vacation Properties Hover test.

Vacation Investment.
Here is some text before.show vacation_investment (download) -------- and here is some text after -------- show vacation_properties.

Matterport embed here


Price Changed

Something else

Here's the link that inside the blog post that will trigger something to see

Anini House